Pasta Night Box


All the ingredients you need for an authentic Italian-style pasta dish in one box! Each item in the box is sourced and made here in Pennsylvania by skilled food artisans. Recipe suggestions are included.




The heart of your dish is handmade penne from Vera Pasta Co. using Pennsylvania-grown hard winter wheat. The stone-ground wheat is milled by Castle Valley Mill with the germ-in, a traditional process that retains optimal nutrients for a healthy pasta. Top that with homemade tomato gravy from The Sauce Fella at Gumba’s that has the perfect amount of seasoning and thickness to satisfy.

Shred one (or both!) cheeses from Caputo Brothers Creamery into the dish for a deep, savory flavor! Both cheese options are made from a blend of cow and water buffalo milk using a recipe from authentic Italian origins. Select the Vecchio for an intense boost of sharp salt followed by a mild barnyard musk and mineral notes. On the other hand, the Provola will provide a rich, creamy and reliable mozzarella-like flavor.

Each box includes tasting notes, cheesemaker story, suggested drink pairings, and recipes when applicable. Serves approximately 6-8 people.

Box contains:
8 oz wedge Vecchio (ricotta salata cheese)
8 oz wedge Provola (aged mozzarella)
15 oz bag Vera Pasta Co. Penne
25 oz jar Gumba’s Original Tomato Gravy

Each box is carefully packaged and includes frozen ice packs to maintain product quality in its journey to your door. UPS/USPS Ground shipping included for U.S. addresses. If your order is a gift, please type a message to the recipient into the “Order Notes” section at checkout.


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