Cheese and Chocolate Pairing for Valentine’s Day – Couple Ticket





Enjoy three cheese and chocolate pairings at Central Wedge with your favorite person during the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Stroll on Saturday, February 10th. Take a culinary tour of Pennsylvania without leaving Carlisle!

What to Expect

Stephanie, our knowledgeable cheese guide, will lead you through the art of pairing three Pennsylvania cheeses and locally made chocolates while sharing insights on flavor profiles, textures, and the science behind the perfect match. Sparkling water and crackers will be provided to cleanse the palate between each pairing.

Interactive Experience

Each guest will receive a sizeable sample of cheese and chocolate so you can share the experience, not what’s on your plate! Engage your senses as you actively participate in the process of evaluating each pairing. Feel, taste, and savor the combinations to discover your own palate preferences. Learn tips for creating your own pairings at home, ensuring a continued journey of exploring local foods.

Show Your Affection

Invite your spouse, best friend, sibling or anyone you know shares your affection for cheese and chocolate! Set this time aside to create an enjoyable memory with your loved one while you enjoy a unique pairing experience.

Reserve Your Spot

Book now to secure your spot in this exclusive workshop. 10 tickets are available. Unleash the magic of cheese and chocolate, creating a symphony of tastes that will linger in your hearts long after the last bite. Join us for an unforgettable experience that promises to be as sweet as your love!

Price: $45 per person / $80 per couple


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