Celebration Box


Cranberries are at the heart of this themed gift box.




A native to eastern North America, this long-standing staple on the holiday table is viewed as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. While the Lenni Lenape Native American tribe use the cranberry as food, medicine and dye, its ceremonial role was used to “indicate lasting order and goodwill at peace festivals.”*

Over the years, we’ve used the cranberry in a lot of different ways (juiced, jammed, jellied, and even pickled!). In this box, you can make a celebration drink from a vinegar-based shrub, sweeten Calkins Creamery Noblette with a tart, spiced conserve and enjoy the bite of whole cranberries in a smooth mild cheddar.

Each box includes tasting notes, cheesemaker story, suggested drink pairings, and recipes when applicable. Serves approximately 4-6 people. What better reason to celebrate than peace, prosperity and goodwill?

Box contains:
12 oz Calkins Creamery Noblette (brie recipe origin)
8 oz Jubilee Heritage Creamery Cranberry Cheddar
8 oz jar Christina Maser Cranberry Conserve
13 oz bottle Tait Farm Foods Cranberry Shrub

Each box is carefully packaged and includes frozen ice packs to maintain product quality in its journey to your door. UPS/USPS Ground shipping included for U.S. addresses. If your order is a gift, please type a message to the recipient into the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

*Mathis, Charles V. “The Cranberry: Ruby of the Barrens.” The New York Times, 1996, https://www.nytimes.com/1973/10/21/archives/the-cranberrry-ruby-of-the-barrens-new-picking-method-taken-on-a.html.


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