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Keswick Creamery

Handmade is Tradition
at Keswick Creamery

The Jersey cows at Keswick Creamery have a beautiful view of the Cumberland County from their pasture in Newburg. If you didn’t know, Jerseys are the smaller brown cows with Bette Davis eyes.

For more than 40 years, the family has cared for their herd of registered Jersey cows using organic and humane animal care practices. The family made the choice to adopt organic practices on their farm nearly 30 years ago; herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used on the farm. The cows graze freely on pasture during the growing season and have a supply of dried hay during the winter months. Rotational grazing, alternating between several fields, protects the health of the soil and grass while ensuring the cows get the nutrients they need.

In 2001, the family started making aged raw milk cheeses in an on-farm cheese plant. All their cheeses are handmade using traditional, time-honored methods and the simple ingredients of fresh milk, live cultures, traditional calf rennet and salt.

Keswich Creamery

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