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Alpine Heritage Creamery

Simplicity is a Theme
at Alpine Heritage.

The second-generation dairy farmers at Alpine Heritage specialize in hand-crafted artisanal cheeses made from raw milk produced on the same farm by their Jersey cows in Paradise Township, Lancaster County. This arrangement allows the family to control the cheesemaking process from beginning to end. The name pays tribute to their forefathers who were farmers and progressive cheesemakers in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps.

The cows dine on lush green, organic grass, grass hay and haylage, and a mineral supplement. The cows eat a GMO-free diet and never receive antibiotics, a conscientious decision on the part of the family.

The list of ingredients in their cheese is short too – milk, cultures, traditional rennet and salt. Throughout the cheesemaking process, quality and safety measures are strictly observed to complete the process of creating their own unique cheese flavors and styles. We still haven’t decided if their cheese delivers complex flavors in spite of or because of their simple production methods.

Alpine Heritage Creamery

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